Case Study


Imagine a world where socks aren’t just a necessity but a vibrant expression of your unique style. That’s the world Mary Gui envisioned when she founded Sock Candy, a fashion-sock line for those who celebrate their individuality. Mary approached The Sage Agency in January 2022, seeking to grow her thriving small business with Google Ads. 



Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)


Conversion Value

Website Visits

Project Overview


Once we ran the numbers, we realized Sock Candy’s website was experiencing a low conversion rate. In addition, their average order value was on the low side. The combination meant they would not be profitable with Google Ads.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Sock Candy dove into their website experience, revamping the checkout process, refining product descriptions, and enhancing the website’s conversions. Once they had a healthy conversion rate (3% or higher for E-commerce) they reached out again and we started running Google Ads. 

Average Order Value (AOV) Improvement: To increase AOV, The Sage Agency suggested upselling and cross-selling strategies, showcasing bundle offers and limited-edition collections. Sock Candy also implemented personalized product recommendations based on customer browsing and purchase history.

Google Ads Magic: Since August 2022, The Sage Agency has been sprinkling their magic on Sock Candy’s Google Ads campaigns. This includes keyword reesearch, AI enhanced ad copy, and account management to ensure profitability.


Outshining the Competition: Despite Amazon’s attempts to steal the spotlight by bidding on Sock Candy’s brand name, The Sage Agency’s ensured that Sock Candy’s ads continued to appear at the top of the search results, maintaining top placement and driving traffic to the website during the highly competitive Black Friday period.

“Cally and her team are amazing and have made a big difference in sales for my small business! Since working with them, my ROAS has increased 152% and my conversion value has increased 576%.

I also love how honest Cally is – before she takes you on as a client she asks for your conversion rate and runs numbers to make sure you can be profitable including her monthly management fee. So she is not just doing it for the money like some other agencies, she really wants to ensure your success and will only take you on as a client if she knows she can deliver results!”

Mary Gui

Owner, Sock Candy

Sock Candy Google Ads Results Data

Our Approach

We value transparancy and integrity at the Sage Agency. We do our due diligence with every client prior to running ads to ensure they will be profitable. We input Sock Candy’s specific business numbers into our Goals & Expecatatiosn Calculator and unfortunately the numbers did not look good enough to ensure profitability at the time.

We provided website feedback and well as creative ways to increase sales so that once the ads drove visitors to the Sock Candy website, we knew they would make a purchase.

Once the number looked healthy we started running ads and never looked back. Each we we implement the following to ensure we’re meeting Sock Candy’s ROAS goals.


Optimizing the account based on specific Return On Ad Spend Goals (ROAS) set by Sock Candy


Managing each campaign's assets, reviewing copy and images to ensure they're preforming optimally.


Discuss upcoming sales and seasonality with the client to ensure we take advantage of all opportunities


Continually adding negative keywords


Optimizing budgets based on product results each monht.