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Our rockstar team is passionate about making your business more money by sending customers to your website 24/7!

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Fearless Leader…

Cally Sage Pedersen, CEO of the Sage Agency, provides 15 years of expert digital marketing experience to help businesses increase their profits with Google Ads.

As a certified Google Ads partner, Cally and her team are proficient at identifying wasteful spending risks and discovering creative ways to improve our clients’ accounts, helping them increase their website traffic and conversions like never before.

Their work is based on a proven policy of consistently testing client’s ads to make sure the accounts are fully optimized. Customer satisfaction is a priority and clients receive individually-tailored plans specifically for their business goals.

As a ‘Top 20 Advertising Agencies to Watch 2021’ by The Australian Business Journal, Cally’s clients’ results speak for themselves.

If there’s something Cally understands it’s that the Google Ads industry is mostly male-dominated. Being a woman-owned business truly sets this agency apart and the quality of their services speaks for itself.

She and her team of Rockstar Google Ads managers are certified Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Shopping and Google Tag Manager experts.

She has a Bachelors of Science, Advertising degree from The University of Texas at Austin, ranked #1 US Advertising program. Hook ‘Em!

Our Rockstar Team

Cally Sage Pedersen Headshot


Howdy! I’m Olivia and Google Ads are my jam. I went from a long career in software development to owning my own e-commerce business. Along that journey I mastered and fell completely in love with Google Ads.

I sold off that e-comm business and dove head first into the data-rich world of Google Ads.

Data informed decisions guide my technical process but my strong desire to see our clients thrive is what really motivates me. I find it tremendously rewarding to help business owners achieve their goals.

When I’m not swimming in a sea of data, or untangling tricky systems (my second love) – you can find me romping around in the great outdoors!

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Sheila is a Digital Marketer specializing in Facebook and Google Ads for e-commerce and lead generation. She helps businesses grow and connect with their ideal customers.

She has worn a lot of hats in her 15+ years in tech. Transitioning into digital marketing was a natural choice, it’s the perfect intersection for her curiosity and love for learning.

When not elbow-deep in ad accounts, analytics or reading the latest trends in digital marketing, Sheila can be found rock climbing with friends, hiking trails or walking her dogs.

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Britt is our resident SEO Expert with 10+ years of digital marketing experience, and she’s been a successful blogger since 2013. She has proven strategies & frameworks for growing website traffic with SEO that help support your Google Ads so you dominate the top section of the search results page. She can’t wait to help you gain more visibility and, more importantly, more sales!

Cally Sage Pedersen Headshot


Arlene is your Client Success Manager and Executive Assistant to Cally Pedersen. Arlene keeps us going with her upbeat, positive attitude and amazing communication skills.

She is highly responsive and solutions-oriented ensuring you’re well taken care of at The Sage Agency. She lives in the Philippines with her husband and three puppies.

We know a thing or two about Google Ads and we love using our expert qualifications to help you!

Giving Back

By working with The Sage Agency you are also supporting children in Latin America, India and Africa through the local work of Compassion International. We donate 10% of every client project to feeding, clothing and protecting children in need.