Imagine having a crystal ball that gives you a peek into how profitable your Google Ads can be!

Make more profits from Google Ads with a plug-and-play interactive calculator to predict how profitable your account can be when optimized and set up correctly.

(Show me how much Return On Investment I can expect to make)

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how much budget you should spend with Google Ads?


Because right now, you’re just taking a stab in the dark with your Google Ads budget and hoping it’ll work.

You’re managing your Google Ads and you’re still not sure how they are performing.

Then there is Google’s so-called ‘recommended budget’ amount that is 3-4xs more than you’re spending right now.

Or, you want to get started with Google Ads, but you’re really not sure if the budget you have in mind is going to get the results you want.

You need a sure fire way to know if you spend $5,000 per month you can expect to receive a certain number of customers and a certain return on your ad spend.


Because if you’re like most Business Owners or Agencies…

You’ve tried every so-called expert’s advice (because you’re really not sure what’s working)
Just want to know how much you should spend to receive the results you want (and for it to be easy)
You keep adding budget to your ads but it doesn’t seem to help.
You want to grow your business but you don’t know if the ad spend it’ll break the bank (or get results).
If this sounds like you, then grab your Goals & Expectations Calculator and take the guesswork off your plate for good.

You Might Love Being A Business Owner, But You Never Expected To Be A Google Ads Expert, too!


So the question becomes…


Do you really want to keep watching the never-ending tutorials?

Do you want to stop feeling confused about your next steps?
Do you want to know exactly what you should do to see a profit from Google Ads?
Don’t worry, I’ve been where you are today and I want to end your sleepless nights worrying about wasting money on your ads!

Now You Can Boost Your ROI With A Simple, Straight-Forward, Easy To Use Dashboard That Lays It All Out For You.

You’ll instantly know how much budget you need to see a profit.

You’ll quickly pinpoint any holes in your current marketing that need to be improved.
You’ll know if it’s your budget, or maybe something else, that’s causing the low profit return from your Google Ads.
You’ll take calculated risks based on the black and white numbers.

Goals & Expectations Calculator


The easiest, fastest way to transform your confusion into confidence for effective Google Ads management that works (I use it every day in my business)!

So, how does it work exactly?

After gaining access to the calculator you’ll have…

dark haired man wearing glasses giving a blonde woman facing him a high five

A clear profit path

  • Discover the EXACT monthly budget your account needs to create the exact profit your business needs (and maybe even more!) with the interactive calculator.
  • Get the FULL story behind your performance with just one glance instead of constantly second-guessing and trying to piece it together.
  • Learn which aspects of your business are moving the needle toward your ideal profit return from Google Ads – it may surprise you!
Couple sitting in front of laptop at desk

Save hours of stress

  • Receive instant access to the calculator as soon as you purchase it.
  • Gain instant clarity for your Google Ads account or a client’s Google Ads account – whether it’s you or a member of your team using the calculator, it’s easy!
  • Have fun playing around with the numbers and let the calculations guide you to success.
Young man wearing glasses sitting at desk giving a thumbs up and smiling at the camera

Gain Confidence

  • Gain confidence and competence knowing you’re making strategic decisions based on how well your business is doing now, and where it can grow.
  • Numbers don’t lie but they can tell you a story. The calculator shows you exactly if you need to add budget, improve your average order value, improve your website conversion rate – or maybe all of the above.
  • Welcome back your sanity! No longer will you feel left in the dark just wishing someone would give you a straight answer.

I promise you, this is not too good to be true.


Here’s Everything You Get With The Goals & Expectations Calculator:


Instant Results

  • Instantly learn the number of potential clicks, total leads & sales, total customers & revenue, cost per lead, return on ad spend (ROAS), total revenue and Gross Profit (after ad spend) you can receive when your Google Ads account is optimized and set up correctly.
A Profit Vision
  • Gain a clear vision of what can be your Google Ads reality. The calculator’s crystal-clear insights help guide your next steps toward a profitable business.
  • Start making calculated, decisions based on the facts for the vision you have for your business.
Measured Expectations
  • If the calculator’s results aren’t what you expect, it may be more than the budget that needs to be adjusted.
  • Website conversion and customer value also play an important role in your overall profit expectations, which the calculator helps to shed light on.
Ready to say “NO” to confusion and overwhelm and “YES” to clarity to move forward?

Hey there, I’m Cally

I’m the CEO of The Sage Agency and along with my team of Google Ads strategist rockstars, we’re passionate about making your business more money with Google Ads.

It’s no longer a guessing game, my friend! I’ve been where you are today and it is not fun, which is why I’m here to help!

To put it simply, I’ve been down the Google Ads rabbit hole and I want to stop the madness for you!

That’s why I created the Goals & Expectations calculator, which is a tool my team and I use every day. Whether you’re a solo business owner or an ad agency offering Google Ads management service, this calculator is your saving grace, trust me.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have a Google Ads account set up yet?

No problem, the information needed for the calculator is based on your business’ current data. If you don’t know your cost per click you can search for your industry’s average cost per click and use that.

What if I need more help?

Email us any time! We’ll do my best to support or send you in the direction of additional resources.

How fast can I expect to see results in my business?

The Goals & Expectations calculator is an ESTIMATE of the results you can expect. Since there are so many variables that go into seeing the results, which include but are not limited to, setting up a Google Ads account properly, continually optimizing the account on a very regular basis, your industry’s competition, etc.

I’m an agency, can I use this with clients?

You can set it up for your client, but each client should purchase his/her own calculator dashboard from The Sage Agency. Feel free to reach out to if you’d like to discuss licensing so you can use it with clients.

Can I resell the Goals & Expectations Calculator in my own business?

If you purchase a licensing fee, feel free to use it with clients but please do not resell it as your own product. Feel free to reach out to if you’d like to discuss licensing so you can use it with clients.

What if I decide the Goals & Expectations calculator isn’t for me?
Due to the digital nature of this product, we don’t offer refunds at this time. So all sales are final.

With that said, if you have any issues or questions at all, my team is just an email away! Reach out to

Now is the time to make friends with

Google Ads

More than 8.5 billion (with a B) searches are performed on Google every single day. You and your business deserve to have a slice of that apple pie. Don’t let another day go by frozen in confusion and overwhelm, you deserve to invest in a tool that provide clear guidance toward a Google Account that’s profitable!

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